Why Deal With Anyone Other Than the Top Commercial Roofer in NJ?

Commercial businesses cannot afford to be out of operation due to roof problems. Leaky roofs or safety issues should be handled by USA GCC as a top commercial roofer in New Jersey. Hiring a quality commercial roofing company can ensure that the correct roof is installed the first time. It’s also recommended for repairs that need to be made to an existing roof. Whether the roof is a new installation or needs repairing or replacing, we can offer the solutions for the right products and the right roofing material to be used.

Top commercial roofers in New Jersey may recommend a torch applied roof. Torch applied roofing offers the ability for installation year round. It’s a great option for cold months when roofing can be difficult. This type of roof is resilient and made of a non-woven polyester mat. It is then coated with modified asphalt that is weather resistant. The membranes are also coated with a fire retardant asphalt. They are a wonderful application for roofing, re-roofing and flashing. They are cost effective, durable and guaranteed. This is one of the best types of roofing material on the market today.

Another popular type of commercial roofing is a cold applied roof. This type of roofing can last for up to two decades when properly installed. It is highly resistant to heat. It’s a great alternative if the building is near water and receives a great deal of reflection. It’s also resistant to becoming brittle during the winter and is resistant to ice damage. This roof can also resist the effects that hail can produce. It can literally bounce back after hail strikes. Cold applied roofing can be customized to be either black or white as the basic colors. If your company prefers to place a different color, that can be worked out with us. This type of roof is a great investment and should be maintained once or twice per year by trained roofing technicians.

Liquid applied roofs are safer to apply than other roofs because no heat is used and there’s not a risk of fire. This type of roofing is great for waterproofing an existing roof. It will completely eliminate puddling. After this roof is applied, another topping can be placed over it. An added benefit is this of roof can be installed over any other type of roofing. Protecting a roof from water damage is the key to extending the life of the roof. Working with us as a highly experienced company will make the entire process easier and more cost effective.