The 5 Most Common Reasons For Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs must be addressed quickly and handled in a professional manner in order to avoid damage to the building, machinery and merchandise. A qualified commercial roofing installation and repair company should be able to respond to emergencies 24/7. The repair must be handled quickly before further damage is done.

Roofers see these five most common causes of leaking roofs over and over again.

1. Poor Drainage

Modified Bitumen is a very popular commercial alternative for low-sloping or flat roofs due to its durability and weather-resistance. However, on any flat roof, if there is nowhere for melted snow or rain to go, it will pool on the roof. Ponding water is very heavy; each square foot of water weighs five pounds. The drainage system must be fixed as soon as possible before the weight of the water causes serious damage.

2. Age and Poor Maintenance

Any roof needs maintenance as it ages. For example, Liquid Applied Roofers are durable and popular commercial roofing materials, but do require periodic maintenance to catch small problems before they become serious leaks. Lack of maintenance is never cost-effective in the long run.

3. Damage to the Perimeter Flashing

It’s common to see leaks where flashings are installed at the roof’s exterior edges and at interior parapet walls. When the flashing was not properly installed or becomes damaged, the edges of the roof cover are exposed, allowing moisture into the roofing system and building. Flashings are vulnerable to tearing or breaking as the roof expands and contracts with seasonal temperature changes and should be periodically inspected.

4. Pipes, HVAC and Other Roof Penetrations

Anything that punctures the membrane of the roof, such as pipes, drains and HVAC units, creates a weak point that will be prone to leaks. All roof penetrations must be secured properly so that the roofing system is protected from water damage.

5. Poor Installation

Standing Seam Metal roofs are excellent and long-lived. When a metal roof does spring a leak, the cause can often be traced back to a faulty installation; a missing fastening or a sealant problem can leave an opening for water to enter into the building. Poor installation can compromise any roof system, leaving it vulnerable to leaking.

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