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Have You Done Your Winter Roof Inspection?

I can’t believe winter is here already and we have had several nights dip below freezing. If you haven’t completed your winter preparation inspection yet on your commercial building roof it needs to be done. Our team at USAGCC would like to share some tips on winter roof inspection as well as an article...

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Your Roof May Need Repairs If You See This

If you’re wondering if your roof is in need of repair, or will be in the near future, there are four common signs you should look out for that will tell you if there is a problem on the horizon. It doesn’t take a professional roofing contractor to identify these potential problems. With nothing more than...

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How A Metal Roof Can Save You Energy

As you drive around your town or city, are you seeing more metal roofs than ever before? Metal roofs have gained popularity over the past decade due to their durability, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits. In terms of life-cycle, metal roofs take the cake easily. When compared to an asphalt roof...

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Roofing Systems: Different Types, Techniques, and Materials

Roofing systems are an important part of any building. They not only protect the building from weather elements, but also enhance the aesthetics of the building. There are many different types of roofing systems, each in its respective use and roof design, which can be chosen from as you do your due...

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Can Aesthetics Influence The Value Of Commercial Properties?

When it comes to increasing production and efficiency at work, any little bit helps, even when it comes to the way a building is constructed. Aesthetic features are built into all buildings in order to increase productivity, positive emotions, and a healthier workforce...

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What To Expect From The 2022 Roofing Trends If You’re Looking To Replace Yours This Year

Having a roof over your head is one the most common things we should be thankful for. From being the actual barrier between you and a thunderstorm, to helping you keep lower energy bills, a roof is an important part of a home. Methodologies, sustainability, and styles have changed and improved over...

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Let's Discuss Different Commercial Roofing Systems

There are so many different types of roofing materials available that it may be difficult for a building owner to research commercial roofing systems. However, thorough research is necessary to avoid frustration, as well as to save time and money. If you are looking at commercial roofing...

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What are some things to consider when deciding to convert to solar energy for your commercial building?

With the wave of environmental friendliness on the rise, many business owners are wondering if they should begin converting their commercial building to solar energy. There are many reasons as to why someone should choose to convert to solar such as cheaper costs to power a business, being...

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Reasons Why You Need A Roof Inspection For Your Commercial Property

Mother Nature can have multiple effects on our daily life, including on our homes and commercial buildings. In NJ it’s important to be able to get routine inspections for your roof yearly. The four main reasons to get a roof inspection are to identify any problems...

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How To Remove Snow From A Commercial Flat Roof Safely & Effectively

When blizzard-like weather hits in NJ it’s important to know how to safely and effectively remove snow from your commercial flat roof. That is why USA GCC encourages their clients to check out this article that breaks down three important topics: how to remove the snow safely...

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How to Handle Freezing Temperatures & Snow on a Commercial Roof

From frozen pipes to collapsing roofs, extreme winter weather can cause a variety of problems for commercial buildings’ structure and roof safety. USA GCC of New Jersey understands the importance of maintaining a commercial roof and how to prevent damage from snowfall and extreme...

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How To Winterize Commercial Roofs

While USA GCC is always on call to respond for snow removal and emergency roof repairs, understanding how to winterize commercial roofs is crucial for all property owners and managers. Preventing damage from snow actually starts long before winter even sets in, when as...

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