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Roofing Systems: Different Types, Techniques, and Materials

Roofing systems are an important part of any building. They not only protect the building from weather elements, but also enhance the aesthetics of the building. There are many different types of roofing systems, each in its respective use and roof design, which can be chosen from as you do your due...

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Can Aesthetics Influence The Value Of Commercial Properties?

When it comes to increasing production and efficiency at work, any little bit helps, even when it comes to the way a building is constructed. Aesthetic features are built into all buildings in order to increase productivity, positive emotions, and a healthier workforce...

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What To Expect From The 2022 Roofing Trends If You’re Looking To Replace Yours This Year

Having a roof over your head is one the most common things we should be thankful for. From being the actual barrier between you and a thunderstorm, to helping you keep lower energy bills, a roof is an important part of a home. Methodologies, sustainability, and styles have changed and improved over...

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Let's Discuss Different Commercial Roofing Systems

There are so many different types of roofing materials available that it may be difficult for a building owner to research commercial roofing systems. However, thorough research is necessary to avoid frustration, as well as to save time and money. If you are looking at commercial roofing...

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What are some things to consider when deciding to convert to solar energy for your commercial building?

With the wave of environmental friendliness on the rise, many business owners are wondering if they should begin converting their commercial building to solar energy. There are many reasons as to why someone should choose to convert to solar such as cheaper costs to power a business, being...

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Reasons Why You Need A Roof Inspection For Your Commercial Property

Mother Nature can have multiple effects on our daily life, including on our homes and commercial buildings. In NJ it’s important to be able to get routine inspections for your roof yearly. The four main reasons to get a roof inspection are to identify any problems...

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How To Remove Snow From A Commercial Flat Roof Safely & Effectively

When blizzard-like weather hits in NJ it’s important to know how to safely and effectively remove snow from your commercial flat roof. That is why USA GCC encourages their clients to check out this article that breaks down three important topics: how to remove the snow safely...

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How to Handle Freezing Temperatures & Snow on a Commercial Roof

From frozen pipes to collapsing roofs, extreme winter weather can cause a variety of problems for commercial buildings’ structure and roof safety. USA GCC of New Jersey understands the importance of maintaining a commercial roof and how to prevent damage from snowfall and extreme...

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How To Winterize Commercial Roofs

While USA GCC is always on call to respond for snow removal and emergency roof repairs, understanding how to winterize commercial roofs is crucial for all property owners and managers. Preventing damage from snow actually starts long before winter even sets in, when as...

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How To Detect A Roof Leak: DIY Tips

If you are looking for DIY tips on how to detect a roof leak in New Jersey because you suspect you may have roof damage, time is of the essence. While the leak is left untreated, a number of very dangerous related issues may...

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Understanding Types Of Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofs are not all the same, and the experts at USAGCC take extra care to ensure that we are always up-to-date on all the developments in commercial roofing. There are several types of flat roofs most commonly installed...

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Solar Energy Pros and Cons

If you are considering installing solar panels, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages. Solar panels are the right choice for those wishing to be financially and environmentally responsible...

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What’s the Best Time of Year for a Siding Replacement?

Did you know that it is possible to save money on siding replacements if they are done during certain times of the year? It’s true! and not many people know about it. USA General Contractors Corp. has established itself as an elite construction company in the...

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The 5 Best Roofing Materials for Hot Climates

Did you know that the hot weather can actually degrade your roof? It’s true! A poorly constructed roof allows heat from the sun to go directly into the surface of your home and drive up your energy cost from trying to cool it...

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Choosing A Flat Roof

A flat roof may look and seem simple but there are many factors that go into selecting one that works best for your commercial project. Maintenance features, and different options are all decisions that need to be made before a project can start...

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15 Silent Signs That Your Roof is Failing

There are many things that you can keep an eye on that include damaged plumbing vent boots, ceiling stains, shiners, damanged roof tops, dity, glogged soffits, mold where the roof and exterior wall meet, rusted gutthers, and much more...

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8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofing

Everything from scheduling an inspection, cleaning gutter systems, washing the surface of your roof, conducting a moisture survey, and more are critical to keeping your commercial roofing system functioning as intended...

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5 Trends to Watch in Commercial Building Design

Keeping up to date with new commercial building trends is important to help your business continue to grow while also giving you the added benefit of saving money. This is especially important when your building serves as a place of business and host clients/customers since...

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Roofing Industry Trends for 2021: What's Hot on the Market - From New Solar Products to Sustainability

Green energy and sustainability has been a trend for many years and is expected to continue to grow more and more people strive to use fewer fossil fuels that pollute our atmosphere. Eco-friendly roofing, solar tiles, and recycled roofing tiles are just a fraction of the trends...

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3 Metal Roofing Case Studies Illustrate Benefits

Where many types of systems that owners will use for their commercial businesses, but today we look at some case studies on metal roofing that looks to explore advantages such as longevity, favorable life cost, and heightened aesthetic appeal...

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Are You a New Business Owner? Master 8 Commercial Roofing Tips

Whether things like roof hygiene, timely inspections, bracing for bad weather, detecting mold, thoroughly cleaning your roof, and cleaning away the moss, mold, and algae, each has its key role in protecting your commercial roof. They can also be overwhelming tasks for many business owners...

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How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Did you know that if you do not prepare your roof for winter, it can possibly lead to significant damage? It is recommended for all New Jersey businesses with commercial roofing to plan a professional cleaning and inspection, so you do not encounter any surprises through winter.

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Covid 19 Safety Letter

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to global concern regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and to protect our customers from potential infection, USA General Contractors Corp. has implemented the following policies:

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NRCA sends letter to White House: Roofing is essential.

NRCA led an industrywide effort to send a letter to President Trump today to express strong concerns regarding state and local regulations governing "essential businesses" and "essential workers" during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

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COVID-19 Resources for Roofing Contractors.

NRCA recognizes this is a time of uncertainty, and we want to provide a clearinghouse of information and resources addressing various issues you may be facing in managing your business through the crisis.

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