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Have You Done Your Winter Roof Inspection?

I can’t believe winter is here already and we have had several nights dip below freezing.

If you haven’t completed your winter preparation inspection yet on your commercial building roof it needs to be done. Our team at USAGCC would like to share some tips on winter roof inspection as well as an article from Roofingcontractor.com.

Whether you have low-slope roofing, steep-slope roofing, or a flat roof the first step you need to take is to use proper roofing safety steps before you begin the inspection. If you have any concerns about safety, reach out to USAGCC and schedule an appointment for a roofing inspection.

Living in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut areas we have our fair share of extreme conditions, but even with moderate winter weather facility managers need to have a commercial roof maintenance program. The roof on your commercial building is your first step in winter preparation. A lot of damage can be caused by a roof that is not properly maintained.

Furthermore, issues from snow, ice, and rain can become problematic when temperatures are rising during the day and dropping at night. These issues can be reduced when the roof inspection is completed when dry as opposed to roof repair services done during an emergency roof repair. Once the roof fails during extreme conditions chances of interior damage increase due to the warm conditions inside the building melting the ice.

During the summer months, heat can cause small cracks that if left unchecked can expand with heavy winds. Often these cracks are not detected until the roof is covered with a heavy load of snow or freezing rain. These need to be identified before winter begins. The commercial roof industry recommends roofing experts conduct two roof inspections per year. One in the fall before winter begins and one in spring to assess if winter caused any issues.

Once you have snowfall on your roof it will be very difficult to remove any leaves and debris left from the fall. Now that the trees are bare, that last gutter cleaning needs to be done. The added weight of wet leaves or clogged drains can pull gutters off.

Next, do you have a snow and ice removal plan? Snow and ice that is left can become trapped in the freeze/thaw cycle if not cleared. You have to be worried about the additional weight your roof is holding, as well as the melted water finding its way into cracks and crevices and then opening them up bigger when refreezing occurs.

The best way to prepare is to have a regular inspection and take pictures of your roof so you can compare. A drone is a great way to visually inspect your roof, especially depending on your roof slope and outside conditions. Drone roof inspections can access areas that would be difficult to access.

In conclusion, both preventive and routine roof inspections are your best defense against winter hazards for your commercial building’s roof. The best way to accomplish this is through hiring a commercial roofing professional like USAGCC who can inspect and repair any roofing fix you may need before the snow is on your roof. Contact us at (833) 872-4221 or visit us at USAGCC.com !


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